Many families face the challenging question of the afterschool window. Work schedules don’t readily follow school schedules. Some of us are transitioning back to onsite workplaces, and some continue to navigate working remotely. So what to do with the kids? The Village offers a unique answer to this question.

The Village focuses upon a child-centered, faith-based, experiential learning environment.

Let’s break this down:
Child-centered: The Village is made for kids. Sure, it seems reasonable to think any afterschool childcare would be, but that isn’t always the case. Due to lack of resources, space, and tight margins, some afterschool options operate from “make do” mode.

The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd – the place our program calls home – provides plenty of space, access to a park and green space around the corner, a playground onsite, high quality music and choir enrichment, partnerships with other professionals, and enthusiastic, skilled volunteers.

Faith-based: Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd is The Village’s home. Beyond providing the space for our program, the church provides the ministry component. This includes a weekly chapel experience with Pastor Steve or Pastor Elizabeth and music training with the music director, Suzanne Purtee.

Our program’s philosophy is founded on the belief that we are all God’s creations, all loved by our creator. We strive to model Christian values as we grow in community together. You see this in action with kind words, loving hearts, open minds, and helping hands. God’s gifts have been shared with us, now we share them with one another and our communities – local and global. This perspective contributes to The Village’s atmosphere of peace at the end of the day.

Experiential Learning: The Village offers opportunities for extending students’ learning, through experiences. Afterschool doesn’t have to be an afterthought, focused on keeping kids “okay” until parents can pick them up. Afterschool can be thought-provoking, enriching, and exciting. Safety is a non-negotiable standard for us at The Village. And so is enrichment, engagement, and space for experience and growth.

How do we do this? A curriculum, with thematic cross-disciplinary threads provides the framework. Adults provide support as students learn through doing, experiencing, and sharing those experiences and feedback with one another. Engaged kids are safe and happy kids.