Back to school elicits so many different emotions in families – some members are thrilled for a new year and seeing familiar faces, others are filled with anxiety at the thought of changes and new expectations. Many of us – both kids and parents – are awash in a mix of these emotions depending on the day (or hour).
Here are a few of our favorite tips for surviving the sometimes turbulent re-entry into “school time”:
> Start the return to night-time/evening routines slowly and be sure to incorporate fun, like favorite books and new stuffies that kiddos help “get to sleep” as they get into bed as suggested at
> Help kids make the transition to a new school year – which may include new school, new setting (preschool to elementary, elementary to middle, middle to high school), and unexpected changes within their peer/friend group with these “open communication” tips from StopBullying.Org
> Call in backup like Ask A Librarian from The Library of Congress when its homework time and support is needed.